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Ikemen desu ne

 I watched Ikemen desu ne yesterday! :3

I was waiting for english sub but I guess... I couldn't take it anymore.

So I watched it from subpig :3

The Chinese community seemed so much more efficient :D

So anyway,

The show was not as bad as expected! :D

It was pretty entertaining and enjoyable time watching Ikemen desu ne.
I totally fell for Taipi's character and had to constantly remind myself that Taipi's real personality is totally different from his character in this show.
Hikaru was as lovely as usual! :3 But I was not as impressed. Maybe that's because I had high expectations of Hikaru's acting. 
Moreover, I felt as if Hikaru was ACTING. He's natural and all, but it didn't feel like the Hikaru I knew from JUMP :D
But Hikaru is still as lovely! \^o^/
Tama's character is irritating like crazy >:(
So basically, I'm flailing for Taipi and Hikaru in the drama :3
But for now, Taipi's character is my favourite! 
Let's hope that the second episode will be as awesome.

Morimoto Ryutaro

 Dear Ryutaro,

I wasn't really shocked about the news of your suspension.

Maybe that was because I read about your news before heading to sleep and when i woke up to the news of your suspension, it was a little expected.

But still,

Why are you that dumb to pose for a picture with a cigarette in your hand?

Don't you understand the dire consequences that are tied to that?

Haven't you learnt from Kusano and Uchi's incidents?

Are you then, too young to understand how Johnny take underage smoking/drinking seriously.

I suppose back in 2005/2006, you were probably about the age of 10.

I guess you might be too young then for the incident to have an impact in your life.

When Hey! Say! JUMP was formed, many speculated that this group will end up, similarly like NEWS.

They'll probably start losing their members and since the group is so huge, it is highly likely. 

After all, NEWS was a 9 member band back then.

Well, I kind of seen this coming.

I probably expected the group to lose their members soon.

But, after so many years, I started to push the worry/idea behind.

The 10 of you looked like you guys are having a lot of fun and are getting along very well.

And I guessed most of you would have learnt your lesson from NEWS and not to get caught underage drinking/smoking.

Ryutaro, you disappointed me.

I don't care if you really did underage smoking, because that's your private life.

But it's really stupid to pose a picture while smoking.


I know you're young and you've probably done many other stupid things, like agreeing to meet your stalker fan.

But, someone really needs to teach Ryutaro better.

He really needs to learn how to go about as a celebrity.

And I believe it's partly because he debuted at a really young age, when he's only in elementary school.

Debuting at such a young age probably affected his growth.

Being thrown into such a cruel world at such a young age.

The older boys should have taught you better.

Yabu, Hikaru, you guys should have guided Ryutaro better.

I'm not blaming on you two <3

But at least guide Ryutaro and teach him not to pose for pictures when he's drinking/smoking.

I can't help wondering how the other members are feeling now.

Ryutaro, you deserve it for breaking the rules even though you know how dire the consequences are.

But JUMP did not deserve to lose one of their members.
Ryutaro, a lot of fans are waiting for your return. You won't disappoint your fans right?

This is the first time i call Morimoto, Ryutaro.

I hope it won't be the last.

Shounen Club

 I've just finished watching Shounen Club on NHK :3

Yeah it sucks that I only get to watch it on Sunday here when everybody is already spreading the links :(

But I still love to watch them on TV :3

I was a little confused though :(

I'm pretty sure Hikaru wasn't in the beginning or the ending of SC.

But when JUMP was performing OVER, he appeared!

With Yuto blocking him a little when he stood up :D

It seems that they filmed it on two different days, I guess?

Oh well, I had Yabu, Inoo and Yuto to watch so it wasn't too bad :)

And I never knew guys in spectacles would look so hot :)

Hikaru has really long skinny fingers, eh? :3


Totally in love with Hikaru's blonde hair :)

And I can't help nodding together with Arioka, Hikaru and Inoo during the OVER MS performance!

It's like they're asking you to nod with them :3

Thank you Hikaru for bring back into the JUMP fandom :)

And thank you for distracting me with your blonde hair the whole OVER performance.

I did not notice that Inoo was together with you doing the nodding head until I watched it the fifth time :3

Sorry Inoo! I still love you though :)

And their costume is lovely! I love the red :)

& Yabu & Yuto looked awesome in the performance :)

I sincerely wish this was real

 I recently found my way back to JUMP.

This video was very well done!! :)

If this was a movie trailer, I would definitely watch the movie 100 times ♥

Apparently, it features all 4 of my favourite members ♥
yeah they belong to a 10 member group sadly zzzz

I have no idea if the person happened to adore the same 4 members.

But yeah, I adore those 4, particularly that someone *winkwink* ♥♥♥

You'll never guess who :3 I like badass guys
hint watch the video! or you can just read below

Then, there's Toda Erika.

LOL I dont know :S

I never really imagine her acting together with the 4 :)

The only time she acted with Yuto was when they were acting as kids & she was a lot older.

Nevertheless, I thought she was a little too mature-than-them to get involved in this story plot :3

Ok, here's my guess of the plot! :3

So.. apparently the police are after this guy, Hikaru.

I don't know why they want to catch him T-T he's such a lovable boy.

Then, the police belive Yabu, Inoo, and Yuto are involved too :O

Next scene:

Yabu tried calling Erika but could not get her so he reprimanded Yuto for not catching her.

Apprently, Yuto and Erika have a strange relationship/friendship.

Looks like a repeat of the drama LIFE but this time Yuto was the victim and Erika was the one helping him.

But Yuto told Yabu that he trusted Erika so he did not catch/stop her?

Next scene:

Erika called the police to tell her that she wanted to kill herself. (NOOOO)

My guess is that Hikaru raped Erika before that.

Hikaru wanted to shut Erika up over some secret.

And Erika hates Hikaru guts.

But Erika stated that Yabu should not take revenge because it will only bring pain to the both of them.

So Yabu decided to go along with Hikaru and not take revenge. (?)

Then, it makes people wonder....

What's Inoo's role in this?


I feel bad for him :(

Hikaru acted as a badass boy (he killed someone with a gun) in a drama

Yabu acted as a gangster (a rather failed one) in a drama too

Yuto as a middle school student.

Erika has many acting experiences so yeah :3

But Inoo had never acted in a drama before :(

I take back my words. After googling I realised that I've forgotten that he acted before!

In that Masuda, Tegoshi show..

I watched it before, but I cannot recall the plot at all.
tells you what a horrible drama it was since I can't remember a single thing



I may have interpreted it wrongly :3

Hikaru may be a good guy after all *cheers*

There was this really amazing HANA YORI DANGO fanmade video too..

It's like Part 3 of the Hana Yori Dango series..

But this time it features the new F4, which is the couple's son and his other three friends.
Yamada, Yuto, Daiki, Chinen, Shida Mirai

♥ That was awesome but I can't find it anywhere on YouTube anymore :(

I dreamt..

I dreamt that I was in some concert.

Top gallery second seat from the front.

And in my bag, contains w-inds. uchiwas.

Ryohei, Keita, Ryuichi.

I was getting excited to watch w-inds.

Then came the first artiste.

ChangU. No idea who she was.

But there she was, singing on the stage and moving about the concert hall.

She came really close to me.

But then again, I had no idea who she was.

Then after her performance...

A familiar song played.

There, on the stage, stood a group of people.

"Jumping to my dream~"


And I was blaming myself why didnt I bring my Hey!Say!JUMP uchiwas.

I could remember the song really clearly.

They were really singing in my dream.

And after their song, they took a step forward.


I realised some of the BEST members were missing.

Yabu and Hikaru.

I woke up and that was the end of the dream.

w-inds. did not appear.


My LJ feels neglected.


Lead Sunny Day PV // Maou

I've fallen heads over heels with Lead again.

Maybe because their new PV is so much similar to how they were in the past.

So cheerful, so summer-y feel to their music.

I don't mind re-watching this PV over and over again. 

And I watched 2 episodes of Maou yesterday.

Interesting plot.

I should get the rest of the episodes.

And I got sick of Code Blue, though I have only watched the first episode.

I want to watch Koizora, but the ratings seem really bad.



Happy Birthday =)

10 August 1993.

Someone important to me was born on that day.

18 years : Inoo Kei


Happy Birthday! =)