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There are four Johnny's Shop in Japan (Tokyo (Harajuku), Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka). You can look up the addresses from their website.

During my Japan trip, I visited the Osaka's Johnny's Shop branch. The new branch was recently relocated near Umeda Station.

They are only open from 10am - 6.30pm so it was really difficult to squeeze out time to visit the shop because that's when I'll be out sightseeing. However, since I was living in a hotel just across the street so it was pretty convenient for me to pop by the shop.

I dropped by the place at 5pm and it was empty. Maybe just a handful of us in there.  

The security guard guided me to the door because the silly me couldn't find it. You'll have to climb a flight of stairs up into the store. Upon entering, you'll face rows and rows of photos. Arashi, SMAP, Tokio, V6, Kinki Kids, Kis-My-Ft2, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kanjani8, A.B.C-Z...

Everything was in Japanese there so I wanted to ask the lady for help. Unfortunately, the shop helper couldn't really speak English either. I was left to fend for myself.

After you have selected your photos, you head downstairs to make your payment. They may also sell some leftover merchandise and I got myself a Yuto umbrella charm.

I left feeling really weird about the entire experience. It was bizarre but it could be because I don't particularly keep myself updated with them anymore.



Selling my tickets. 27 May 3pm show. Riser seats, 5th row from the front, in the middle section. Respond before 20 March 2012.

Hey! Say! JUMP here I come!

After persuading my father that I want to go Hong Kong instead of Thailand for their concert....

\(^o^)/ Still in a state of shock!!

YABU, HIKARU, YUTO please wait for me!!!!!!

Ok, time to look at plane flights and hotel room rates.

Yuto Nakajima is such an awesome actor

He's the only reason why I watch risou no musuko. (him and Taipi)

Love watching him act all whimpy in the show.

Acting like a loser when it comes to fights, thinking of something cunning to do, crying about it his silly actions, pretending to be all strong in front of his mom, and acting all rich.

I think his character has a lot of potential and he really played his role well!

The whole show was really enjoyable. I definitely enjoyed it more than expected.

The only parts I skip are when Yamada was asked to cross-dress and the mother's moments with Kaneko Nobuaki.


I'm so glad he's finally acting again!

What an awesome actor :)

bye @keita_tachibana

I don't get why you removed your twitter account though.

But thanks for all the "twitter time" you gave to your fans.

And leaving me with only this to prove that you replied my tweet before. :)

Happy Birthday YABU

Yabu Kota


Chibi Chinen


Chibi Chinen with chibi Ya-Ya-yah + chibi Inoo & Kohei~ :D

Nakajima Yuto

He's all grown up!


I know it's bad fawning over an underaged boy T-T

But goodness, he's became such a grown man.

And a hot one too.