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Ikemen desu ne

 I watched Ikemen desu ne yesterday! :3

I was waiting for english sub but I guess... I couldn't take it anymore.

So I watched it from subpig :3

The Chinese community seemed so much more efficient :D

So anyway,

The show was not as bad as expected! :D

It was pretty entertaining and enjoyable time watching Ikemen desu ne.
I totally fell for Taipi's character and had to constantly remind myself that Taipi's real personality is totally different from his character in this show.
Hikaru was as lovely as usual! :3 But I was not as impressed. Maybe that's because I had high expectations of Hikaru's acting. 
Moreover, I felt as if Hikaru was ACTING. He's natural and all, but it didn't feel like the Hikaru I knew from JUMP :D
But Hikaru is still as lovely! \^o^/
Tama's character is irritating like crazy >:(
So basically, I'm flailing for Taipi and Hikaru in the drama :3
But for now, Taipi's character is my favourite! 
Let's hope that the second episode will be as awesome.